Parent Coordinator Spotlight

Karen Herskowitz was a parent of two children who attended PS 39 in Brooklyn and eventually became the parent coordinator herself. Ms. Herskowitz has discovered many different strategies to engage families in her school community and is always looking for new ways to keep them informed. Ms. Herskowitz along with the Parent Association produce a weekly bulletin and utilize their school website to keep families updated on the different events coming up and the school’s calendar. To support all families, she finds in-person conversations and events immensely important as well.

Some events Ms. Herskowitz hosts are the Welcome Dinner where the Diversity & Inclusion team hosts a potluck dinner at the beginning of the school year to celebrate all of the cultures of the school, and VIP Day where Grandparents and other extended family members are invited to visit the student’s classroom. She also runs Family Fitness Friday where Ms. Herskowitz and the PE teacher host ten Friday wellness activities before school to keep students and their parents active during the winter.

In the past 7 years that Ms. Herskowitz has been a parent coordinator, she has learned that the best way to engage parents is to meet them where they’re at. Because parents and caregivers have different amounts of free time depending on their schedule, she offers different types of opportunities from parent leadership roles to even offering activities for families to bring home! Great job, Ms. Herskowitz and keep up the awesome work!