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PA/PTA Guidance of Virtual Environment PA/PTA DECISION-MAKING IN A VIRTUAL ENVIRONMENT Parent Associations and Parent-Teacher Associations (PA/PTAs) play a key role in informing families about their children’s school community and advocating for them. They are independent of the school and self-governing but must operate within a framework of rules, set forth in Chancellor’s Regulation A-660, designed to ensure that all parents are represented, and decisions are made in a fair and inclusive way. In the wake of the governor’s executive orders restricting public gatherings, the Chancellor has waived some requirements of A-660, including that PA/PTA members meet in person. Most other provisions of A-660, however, remain in effect. The intent of these guidelines is to provide clarity on how PA/PTAs can conduct business in the virtual environment without inadvertently violating the letter and spirit of A-660. Virtual Environment Guidelines